Papal Nuncio Reminds Clergy: Service, Not Self-interest
13 January 2021
The papal nuncio to the Philippines reminded priests their mission is always to serve and urged them to put aside self-interest.

Speaking over Radio Veritas, Archbishop Charles John Brown said that bishops, priests and the religious are called to highest standards of service.

'We should never ever use our priesthood to our own benefit. A priesthood is service,' Brown said.

'We shouldn't be using the priesthood for our own glorification, for our own ends, but for the kingdom of God,' he said.

The nuncio made a pastoral visit to the radio station in Quezon City on Monday and guested on its morning program 'Barangay Simbayanan'.

In the interview, he admitted being 'blown away' by the religiosity of Filipinos, which according to him, have 'a great worldwide influence'.

'I was just blown away by the faith of the people. Such a devout deeply religious people, which was, for me, a great joy to see,' Brown said.

The Vatican ambassador celebrated Mass in Quiapo Church on Sunday, a day after the celebration of the Black Nazarene feast.

A few days before last Christmas, he also celebrated public Masses and was 'pleasantly surprised' at the brand of faith being shown by Filipinos.

He said that in many parts of the world, Catholic faith 'maybe is being practiced less intensely than it once was.'

'But here in the Philippines, when you go to places, it's still really deeply felt here and that's beautiful,' he added.

By CBCP News
January 11, 2021
Manila, Philippines

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