Feast of Saint Joseph
20 March 2023
The Feast of Saint Joseph is observed on March 20, 2023. This is an annual celebration in honor of Saint Joseph. St. Joseph was the legal guardian of Jesus Christ and was venerated by the Catholic Church as a patron saint of workers.

The Lutherans celebrate this day in admiration of his work and put up altars outside their homes with food items. These items can be eaten by anyone who needs a meal. The day is also known as the Solemnity of Saint Joseph. This holiday is traditionally celebrated by Christians worldwide in different ways. However, some people from other faiths have adopted the celebration as well.


According to Christian beliefs, Saint Joseph was a first-century man of Nazareth who married the Virgin Mary after the birth of Jesus Christ. He is honored by the church as the lifelong partner of Mary but remains chaste and virgin until his death which took place in the presence of Jesus and Mary.

The context of Saint Joseph as the legal father of Jesus is present in Luke and Matthews, which trace him as a descendant of David. The Catholic Church under Pope Pius IX declared Joseph to be the patron and protector of the Catholic Church.

Every country that has a strong catholic presence celebrates this day during Lent. They observe a strict fast and abstinence on this day while caring for the poor and needy by providing them with food.

These iconic traditions originate from Italy, Malta, Spain, and Poland. Unlike other holidays whose traditions have changed over the years, Saint Joseph’s days remain the same. This is because the holiday has traveled to countries with a strong catholic presence.

The traditional way of celebrating the feast has been to wear red clothing, give food to the needy, and observe fast on this day. In some parts of the world, people have a rather symbolic interpretation of this day.

Since Joseph was a father to Jesus, his life is considered an example of what a father figure should look and be. Hence some cultures celebrate Father’s Day by honoring Saint Joseph and fathers together. The day is also celebrated by rehearsing a mixture of English, Italian and Spanish scriptures.

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