31 March 2023

FRIDAY OF SORROWS or FRIDAY OF PASSION is the Friday before Palm Sunday in which the tradition of Mary's Sorrows is celebrated. With this Friday we have a preamble of a whole week of passion and pain, in which we praise and venerate a mourning Mother

On that day the Catholics manifest their religious fervor to the PAINS OF OUR LADY BY PRAYING THE HAIL MARY.

The 7 pains are described in the Bible and shows the key moments of Jesus’ journey to the inevitable crucifixion and resurrection. In this way:

First pain: When you know the prophecy of Simeon
Second pain: Egypt escape
Third pain: When you lose Jesus at age 12.
Fourth Pain: When He Finds Jesus On The Street Of Bitterness;
Fifth Pain: The Crucification
Sixth Grief: When Jesus Come Down from the Cross
Seventh Pain: The Mourning Of The Grave And Loneliness.

Painful Mother... pray for us!

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