16 February 2024 | Diocese of Lucena to Launch ALAY KAPWA 2024 @ Sentro Pastoral Lucena City
The Diocese of Lucena is gearing up for a significant event tomorrow at the Sentro Pastoral ng Diocesis ng Lucena. The Diocesan Commission on Social Action will be spearheading the launch of Alay Kapwa 2024, themed "Kapwa ko, Pananagutan ko." This event aims to inspire the lay faithful to answer the call of the Lenten season by making sacrifices and providing assistance to those in need.

The preparations at the Sentro Pastoral signify the anticipation surrounding this event, which holds great importance within the Diocese of Lucena. With a focus on community responsibility and solidarity, Alay Kapwa 2024 seeks to encourage individuals to extend a helping hand to their fellow human beings, particularly those who are less fortunate.

Through initiatives like Alay Kapwa, the Diocese of Lucena continues its commitment to promoting social justice and compassion within the community. This event serves as a reminder of the importance of selflessness and generosity, especially during times of reflection and spiritual growth such as the Lenten season.


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