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St. Mary Magdalene -- 22 July 2021
Patron: of contemplative life, converts, glove makers, hairdressers, penitent sinners, people ridiculed for their piety, perfumeries, pharmacists, sexual temptation, tanners, women St. Mary Magdale... READ MORE
St. Lawrence of Brindisi -- 21 July 2021
Patron: of Brindisi Birth: 1559 Death: 1619 Caesare de Rossi was born at Brandisi, kingdom of Naples, on July 22nd. He was educated by the conventual Franciscans there and by his uncle at St. Mar... READ MORE
St. Margaret of Antioch -- 20 July 2021
Nothing certain is known of her, but according to her untrustworthy legend, she was the daughter of a pagan priest at Antioch in Pisidia. Also known as Marina, she was converted to Christianity, where... READ MORE
St. Arsenius the Great -- 19 July 2021
Death: 450 Confessor and hermit on the Nile. Arsenius, who was born in Rome in 354, was the tutor of the children of Emperors Theodosius I the Great, Arcadius, and Honorius. At that time, Arsenius ... READ MORE
St. Frederick -- 18 July 2021
Patron: against deafness Death: 838 St. Frederick, Bishop of Utrecht, Martyr Frederick was trained in piety and sacred learning among the clergy of the Church of Utrecht. Being ordained priest, he... READ MORE
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St. Waldetrudis -- 09 April 2020
Death: 688 Also known as Waltrude or Waudru, she was the daughter of Saints Walbert and Bertilia and sister of St. Aldegunus of Maubeuge. Marrying St. Vincent Madelgarius, she became the mother of ... READ MORE
St. Frances of Rome -- 09 March 2020
Frances was born in the city of Rome in 1384 to a wealthy, noble family. From her mother she inherited a quiet manner and a pious devotion to God. From her father, however, she inherited a strong will... READ MORE
St. Rosalia -- 04 September 2020
Death: 1160 St. Rosalia, daughter of Sinibald, Lord of Roses and Quisquina, was a descendant of the great Charlemagne. She was born at Palermo in Sicily. In her youth, her heart turned from earthly... READ MORE
St. Antipas -- 11 April 2020
Patron: against toothache Death: 90 Martyr and disciple of St. John the Apostle who called Antipas "my faithful witness." Tradition states that Antipas was the bishop of Pergamum, but this is not ... READ MORE
St. Julius -- 12 April 2020
Julius whose feast day is April 12th. Julius was the son of a Roman named Rusticus. He was elected Pope to succeed Pope St. Mark on February 6, 337. Julius was soon involved in the Arian controversy w... READ MORE
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