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Presbyteral Council of the Diocese of Lucena: By Laws

Article I: Rights and Duties of a Members Sect. 1 – It is both a right and duty of a members of the Presbyteral Council to attend, participate and vote in the meeting, bot regular and special. Sect. 2 – While the members of The Presbyteral Council are representatives of the whole Presbyterium in its different levels of ministry, it is nevertheless the duty of the members to promote the welfare of the whole Presbyterium in the spirit of sacramental unity and brotherhood. Sect. 3 – Attendance by proxy is not allowed. Article II: Composition of Committees Sect. 1 – While The Presbyteral Council ordinarily acts as a body and its recommendations will come from the whole Council it may create Committees to study and handle specific needs and problems. These Committees make their recommendation to the Council. Sect. 2 – The Committees shall have their respective Chairmen and Secretaries. The Committee Chairmen shall be elected by the Presbyteral Council from among its member while the Agenda a subject matter which he believe concerns the Presbyterium. Secretaries shall be elected by the council members of each Committees. Sect. 3 – When needed, the Council members of the Committees may engage the expertise of non-members of the Council, including laymen of their confidence. Article III: Election and Appointment Sect. 1 – Within two months after the approval and confirmation of this Constitution and By-Laws of the Presbyteral Council of the Diocese of Lucena the priests concerned will elect their representatives to the Council under the supervision of the respective Vicars Forane who shall report to the bishop the election result for confirmation. Similarly, the bishop shall appoint within the same period the appointive members and advise the ex-officio members. Sect. 2 – within three months after the approval and confirmation of this Constitution and By-Laws, the members of the Presbyteral Council shall be officially installed and sworn into office by the Bishop. Article IV: Tenure of Office Sect. 1 – The members of the Presbyeteral Council hold office for a three-year term, eligible immediately for another term. Those elected or appointed for town successive terms may again be elected or appointed after a lapse of three years. Sect. 2 – The tenure of office of the officer and chairmen of the Presbyteral Council shall be governed by the preceding Section. Article V: Unexpired Terms of Office The unexpired term of any members of the Presbyteral Council due to death, resignation or any canonical cause if the period is one year or more, shall be filled by any election or appointment as the case may be, by the competent persons. Article VI: Specific Duties Sect. 1 – the presiding Officer. The bishop or his presiding delegates shall have the following duties: a)Preside at the meetings; b)Prepare with the secretary of the Presbyteral Council the agenda of each meeting; c)Insure the continuity of the discussion, resolution and action taken in the meetings; d)Coordinate the activities of the different Committees. Sec 2 – The Secretary has the following duties: a)Prepare the agenda after consulting with the bishop or his presiding delegate and sen a copy it to the members; b)Take the minutes of every meeting and file them; c)Inform the Presbyterium of the decisions taken in the meeting: d)Coordinate the activities of different Committees. Article VII: Meetings Sect. 1 – The Presbyteral Council shall meet regularly every two months Sect. 2 – Special meeting shall be called by the bishop or by the request of any members with the approval of the bishop. Sect. 3 – The date and day of the next meeting shall be decided by the members of the Council in the preceding meeting Sect. 4 – A copy of the Agenda for each meeting shall be sent to the members for them to study the matters to be discussed the Secretary shall see to it that the agenda reach the members at least two days before the meeting. Sect. 5 - Any members of the council can commend for inclusion. Article VIII: Quorum & Majority Vote Requirement Because of the consultative nature of the Council no quorum is required for its meeting except in those cases that may be provided by law, by the Episcopal Conference or by the Bishop himself, when and where the deliberative vote of the Council is required. In cases specified by law by the Episcopal Conference or by the Bishop himself giving the Presbyteral Council a deliberative vote, and absolute majority of the membership is required for a quorum. Moreover, in the specific cases when the Presbyteral Council is given a deliberative vote, 2/3 majority is required for approving any motion. Article IX: Records The Secretary shall be charged with the duty of keeping the records of The Presbyteral Council. These records include the Minute of all meetings, resolutions approved, studies made and approved by the Council, communications and others documents. The Secretary shall seek the approval of the Bishop or of the presiding delegate for the minutes and other records that require the signature. The Secretary shall surrender these records to his successor for the continuity of these records.

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