Diocese of Lucena
Letter of Presentation

MOST REV. JOSE T. SANCHEZ, D.D. Bishop of Lucena Your Excellency: In behalf of the Synodal Assembly which Your Excellency convoked "to formulate a synodal document that will constitute our pastoral program for our beloved diocese." And while gratefully acknowledging the trust and confidence you have given to the Parish Synodal Committees, to the Synodal Officers and to the Synodal Assembly itself, we, the council of Presiding officer, for the greater glory of God and for the spiritual renewal of the local church of Lucena Diocese, now humbly present to your Excellency the Acts and Resolutions of the First Diocesan Synod of Lucena which was held from April 24 to April 27 this year nineteen hundred and seventy –nine, the 14th year after the Second Vatican Council.

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