Diocese of Lucena
Decree of Bishop Jose T. Sanchez, D.D
Promulgating the Acts and Resolutions of The Synod of Lucena

For perpetual memory of this ecclesial event, the first Diocesan Synod of Lucena:

With joy and thanksgiving we conclude this first Synod of the diocese of Lucena. Convoked and started two years ago on March 6, 1977 so that bringing together the Clergy, the Religious and the Laity of our local Church in unity of prayer, study, and discernment we may apply the wise principles and guidelines of Vatican II to our local condition, we saw the growth of our synodal preparation gradually unfolds into the grace-filled days of our synodal assemblies these past four days. Lodging our trust in the assistance of the Holy Spirit through the intercession of our blessed Mother, of St. Ferdinand and the Patron Saints of our parishes and other ecclesiastical institutions, we are immensely gratified with the result of our prayers and labors.

The unity that was forged and intensified among the clergy, the religious and the laity was in itself a special grace. It marks the advent of a deeper understanding of our respective roles in the one common mission of constantly building up our local Church. This fuller consciousness of our respective roles on the one hand of our responsibility on the other marks anew dynamism in apostolic vision and plan.

We acknowledge with profound gratitude the valuable help of the diocesan Commission who prepared with us from the beginning the study drafts, evaluated the result of the study and discernment of the parish synodal committees and prepared the proposals submitted to the synodal committees for their cooperation. We thank our whole catholic population for their prayers and other forms of help. Because of all these helps this Synod has accomplished its task.

We are happy to approve, confirm and establish with this decree all the acts and resolutions of this Synod by the authoriry vested in me as bishop of Lucena by divine and ecclesiastical laws. The sole reservation we make is the resolution on the Tenure of priests under the chapter of Presbyeral Community, No. R-20, which we reserve to the Catholic Bishp Conferenece of the Philippines in accordance with the provision of can. 355 in the proposed Code of Canon Law and or theHoly See.

We declare moreover that all that has been established synodally is to be observed by all in the diocese for the glory of God and the dignity of the Church and for our pastoral growth. We approve and establish these things, decreeing that the present letters are and remain stable and valid in the diocese. And are to have legal effectiveness, as of today subject ot any recommendation from the Holy See to whom a copy of the acts and resolutions of this Synod is to be sent.

Given at Lucena City, this 27th day of April 1979.

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