Diocese of Lucena
Prayer for the Second Synod of Lucena

Almighty and ever-loving Father, you have chosen us to become a community persistently journeying in the unity of faith, hope, and love. Your hand has been upon us in times past through the light of your Holy Spirit in order that we may always follow in the steps of you Son Jesus Christ.

We again turn to you as a Church gathered in unity so that your guidance may be upon the Second Synod of Lucena. Grant wisdom and prudent discretion to our bishop, the clergy, religious, and laity who play a significant role in this gathering and discussion. May our family forward in unity and progress in our life of worship, service, and formation.

Renew our hearts and cleanse our thoughts and will so that in this historic phase of our journey, we may become a renewing community with humane, family-oriented, nature-loving, and Godly vision and aim.

This we ask you through Christ, with the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen.

Mary, Mother of the Diocese, pray for us.

St. Ferdinand, our patron, pray for us.

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