Diocese of Lucena
The Logo of the Second Synod of Lucena

The BOAT symbolized our particular Church journeying and, with firm faith, braving the tides of trials and challenges of the modern times.

The Second Synod aims at effecting the renewal of the particular Church in order that she may realize the plan of God the Father (symbolized by the LIGHT resembling the rays of the sun), under the guidance of the Holy Spirit (the DOVE), and so that we can become a true community of Christ’s disciples (symbolized by the CROSS, which is the boat’s stronghold).

The BEADS OF THE ROSARY manifest our intense longing to follow Christ with the example and through the intercession of Mary, the model disciple.

The FOUR FISHES in various colors signify the Four Districts of the Diocese of Lucena– a family of meek believers– whose members are being formed in the spirit of the Gospel (symbolized by the BIBLE) and the example of Mary.

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