Diocese of Lucena
Message from the Vatican

N 557.880

28 May 2004

Dear Bishop Marquez,

The Holy Father was pleased to learn that on 7-11 June 2004 the Diocese of Lucena will hold its second Diocesan Synod on the occasion of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of its first Synod, and he sends his greetings of peace and joy to you, the priests, religious and lay faithful who have gathered for this significant event in the life of the local Church.

His Holiness encourages the Synod participants in their efforts to develop initiatives aimed at renewal of the Church and society, reminding them that "the Church evangelized in obedience to Christ;s command, in the knowledge that every person has the right to hear the Good News of the God who reveals and gives himself in Christ" (Ecclesia in Asia, 20).

Confident that the work of the Synod will lead to a renewed appreciation of the gifts and charisms present in the Diocesan community and that it will lay solid foundations for the tasks of evangelization in this new Millenium, the Holy Father cordially imparts his Apostolic Blessing.

Yours sincerely in Christ,

+Leonardo Sandri

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