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ST. CORNELIUS the CENTURION 02 February 2023 -- Cornelius (Greek: Kornélios; Latin: Cornelius) was a Roman centurion who is considered by Christians to be the first Gentile to convert to the faith, as related in Acts of the Apostles (see Ethiopian eunuch for the competing tradition). The baptism of Cornelius is an important event in the history of the early Christian church. He may have belonged to the gens Cornelia, a prominent Roman family.... READ MORE
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St. John Bosco -- 31 January 2023
John Melchior Bosco, SDB (Italian: Giovanni Melchiorre Bosco; Piedmontese: Gioann Melchior Bòsch; 16 August 1815[4] – 31 January 1888),[5][6] popularly known as Don Bosco [?d?m ?b?sko, bo-], was an It... READ MORE
St. Martina of Rome -- 30 January 2023
Martina of Rome was a Roman martyr under the Emperor Severus Alexander. A patron saint of Rome, she was martyred in 226, according to some authorities, more probably in 228, under the pontificate of P... READ MORE
ST. Sulpicius Severus -- 29 January 2023
Sulpicius Severus (c. 363 – c. 425) was a Christian writer and native of Aquitania in modern-day France. He is known for his chronicle of sacred history, as well as his biography of Saint Martin of To... READ MORE
ST. Thomas Aquinas -- 28 January 2023
Thomas Aquinas, OP (/??kwa?n?s/; Italian: Tommaso d'Aquino, lit.?'Thomas of Aquino'; 1225 – 7 March 1274) was an Italian Dominican friar and priest who was an influential philosopher, theologian and j... READ MORE
ST. ANGELA MERICI -- 27 January 2023
Angela Merici or Angela de Merici; 21 March 1474 – 27 January 1540) was an Italian religious educator, who is honored as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. She founded the Company of St. Ursula in ... READ MORE
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St. Cornelius -- 16 September 2021
Cornelius whose feast day is September 16th. A Roman priest, Cornelius was elected Pope to succeed Fabian in an election delayed fourteen months by Decius' persecution of the Christians. The main issu... READ MORE
St. Dominic of Silos -- 20 December 2021
Patron: against rabies; against rabid dogs; against insects; captives; pregnant women; prisoners; shepherds Birth: 1000 Death: 1073 Benedictine abbot and defender of the faith. Born in Canas, Nav... READ MORE
St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen -- 24 April 2022
Birth: 1577 Death: 1622 Franciscan Capuchin martyr. He was born Mark Rey is Sigmaringen, Germany, in 1577. A practicing lawyer, he traveled across Europe as a tutor to aristocrats but then started... READ MORE
Bl. Agnello of Pisa -- 13 March 2020
The founder of the English Franciscan province, Blessed Agnello, was admitted into the Order by St. Francis himself on the occasion of his sojourn in Pisa. He was sent to the Friary in Paris, of which... READ MORE
St. Peter of Tarantaise -- 08 May 2020
Birth: 1102 Death: 1175 Cistercian archbishop. Peter was born near Vienne, in Dauphine, France, and joined the Cistercian Order at Bonneveaux at the age of twenty with his two brothers and father.... READ MORE
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