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St. Mark -- 25 April 2022
Patron: of notaries, Venice, Barristers Birth: 1st Century Death: April 25, 68 AD Much of what we know about St. Mark, the author of the Second Gospel, comes largely from the New Testament and ea... READ MORE
St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen -- 24 April 2022
Birth: 1577 Death: 1622 Franciscan Capuchin martyr. He was born Mark Rey is Sigmaringen, Germany, in 1577. A practicing lawyer, he traveled across Europe as a tutor to aristocrats but then started... READ MORE
St. George -- 23 April 2022
Patron: of England & Catalonia Death: 303 Canonized: by Pope Gelasius I It is uncertain when Saint George was born and historians continue to debate to this day. However, his death date is estima... READ MORE
St. Abdiesus -- 22 April 2022
Death: 342 Also called Hebed Jesus, a deacon in the Christian community of Persia who was caught up in the persecutions conducted by King Shapur II. Records indicate that Abdiesus was accompanied i... READ MORE
St. Anselm -- 21 April 2022
Birth: 1033 Death: 1109 St. Anselm Archbishop of Canterbury and Confessor APRIL 21,A.D. 1109 IF the Norman conquerors stripped the English nation of its liberty, and many temporal advantages, it m... READ MORE
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St. Vincent de Paul -- 27 September 2021
Patron: of charities; horses; hospitals; leprosy; lost articles; Madagascar; prisoners; Richmond, Virginia; spiritual help; Saint Vincent de Paul Societies; Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory; Vincent... READ MORE
St. Benjamin -- 31 March 2020
Birth: 329 Death: 424 St. Benjamin, Martyr (Feast Day - March 31) The Christians in Persia had enjoyed twelve years of peace during the reign of Isdegerd, son of Sapor III, when in 420 it was dist... READ MORE
St. Chaeromon -- 22 December 2020
Death: 250 Bishop of Nilopolis, in Egypt. When the persecution was instituted by Emperor Trajanus Decius, Chaeromon Was quite elderly. He and several companions fled into the Arabian desert and wer... READ MORE
Sts. Perpetua and Felicity -- 07 March 2020
Patron: of mothers, expectant mothers, ranchers and butchers Death: 203 Sts. Perpetua and Felicity were Christian martyrs who lived during the early persecution of the Church in Africa by the Empe... READ MORE
St. Abban -- 16 March 2020
Death: 620 Abbot and Irish missionary. An Irish prince, Abban was the son of King Cormac of Leinster. He is listed as the nephew of St. Ibar. Abban founded many churches in the old district of Ui C... READ MORE
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